How many moments can one photograph hold, and what does that look like in different situations? Are long-exposure photographs and composites of images more realistic because they hold more moments, more realities, than a single quick shutter release? These are some of the questions I think about while experimenting with showing the passage of time in these photographs.

Each portrait here is a composite of many individual photographs (between 17 and 276) I made of the models as they spoke for varying durations (between 2 and 46 minutes) about their own relationships with the word “femininity” and about times when they feel the most feminine. That word, feminine, is dynamic and indefinable as it changes and builds on layers over time. What does it mean to each of us, and when do we feel the most feminine? I asked these models – old friends and new – these questions, photographed them as they spoke, and transcribed their responses to pair with the images. Below are selections from their full responses. Everyone, regardless of sex or gender, has some relationship to femininity; what is yours? (Ongoing series)

Luce and Emma
Amanda and Sienna
August, Marcell, and Karen